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The art of copywriting requires originality, creative flair and technical expertise.

Bare Ink can give your brand a distinctive voice through print and digital communications that are concise, engaging and fit for purpose.

Consistency of style and tone, coupled with clear and persuasive marketing messages, will help to define and consolidate your brand identity and increase consumer engagement.

Whatever your requirements, Bare Ink provides words that work.

behind the brand

Words have always been my thing. I am adept at the art of storytelling and have over 20 years’ experience of writing professionally.

I generate content about anything and everything, employing my unique way with words to bring products and services to life.

I began my career with a leading investment bank before training as a journalist. I have since held a number of journalistic roles, including four years as Editor of a daily news publication now owned by Thomson Reuters. I later worked as a Marketing & Communications Executive for a national charity before starting my own communications business in 2006.

As well as creating the content, I work with printers, designers, web developers and filmmakers to bring the words to life.

My journalism skills and well-honed interview techniques mean that I can quickly understand the motivations and aspirations behind any brand and use words to give it a distinctive personality. Over the years I have interviewed business leaders, community figures, children and young people, cultural icons and high-ranking politicians. This includes several secretaries of state and a serving Prime Minister.

I am all about the detail and am meticulous about adopting a consistent style and tone of voice in order to strengthen brand identity and maximise consumer engagement. The ultimate objective is to help Bare Ink clients connect big ideas with ever bigger audiences.”

Gwen Lardner @ Bare Ink


Bare Ink services include:


  • Advertorial
  • Blogs
  • Branding (straplines, positioning statements)
  • Brochures
  • Case studies
  • Content marketing
  • Editing
  • Fundraising applications
  • Job specs
  • Marketing messages
  • Media releases


  • News & feature articles
  • Newsletters
  • Product descriptions
  • Project briefs
  • Proofreading
  • Reports
  • Reviews
  • Scripts
  • Social media
  • Speeches
  • Web copy


As an award-winning lifestyle brand that happens to sell alcohol and has a very strong personality, getting our messaging and communications right is critically important. It is a fine balance of wit, personality and edutainment and working with Gwen was a breath of fresh air, as she helped me personally shape a number of our key assets.

In our business one line can make all the difference to the consumer connection and Gwen added the clarity to my waffle.”

Mark Ward

Founding Rogue, Regal Rogue vermouth

Taylors Catering

“I’d just like to thank you for the fabulous work you created for our website! I was chuffed with the way Gwen captured the history of our work combined with our travels and put it all together.”


Louisa Taylor, Director

Amber Events

“Gwen knows her stuff. She is quick, accurate and imaginative. She will always meet the brief – in fact, she writes the brief! Her copy is delightful. Definitely recommend.”


Paula Donovan, Director

Helen Baylis

“I have worked with Gwen a lot and find her briefings to be comprehensive yet concise. Further client edits are kept to a minimum, keeping time spent on the job (and therefore costs) to a minimum. This is hugely helpful to a designer as dealing with large edits can be incredibly time-consuming. Copy is always expertly written, formatted well and delivered on time. Gwen is always organised and quick to respond to any queries. I would highly recommend her to all.”


Helen Baylis Art & Design


“Gwen is a stickler for detail. As an experienced editor and proof-reader, she can spot style inconsistencies a mile off and is an expert at policing house style and spotting typos or grammatical mistakes. She writes all of our promotional copy and I don’t feel confident sending anything off to print without her casting her eye over it.”


Linda Graham, Director

Louise Bradbury

“I usually know roughly what I want to say, but Gwen has this knack of putting it together in a more appealing, entertaining and informative way. I use Bare Ink for all my copywriting and communication needs. It is money well spent.”


Louise Bradbury Mortgage Services


“Working with Gwen is a breeze. She is always quick to understand the subject matter needed & provides clear, comprehensive advice on words and grammar. The text created for my website is perfect. I have no hesitation in recommending Gwen. Her easy manner and spot on writing skills are exactly why I always use her for web copy.”


NoDeadSpace Web Design

Uppercutz ABC

“As a small, not-for-profit charity, Gwen has taken on sole responsibility for our marketing strategy. This includes generating all the content for our website, social media platforms, newsletters, press releases and posters/flyers etc. She arranged a celebrity appearance at our launch event and organised coverage in local and national media. She has commissioned several promotional films that have gone viral online and has written features on us for regional magazines and websites. She liaises with all service providers on our behalf e.g. web designer, photographer, filmmaker, magazine editors and leaflet distribution co. We highly recommend her copywriting agency as her help has been invaluable.”


Ian Melin, Head Coach

Clare Herriot

“I highly recommend Gwen. After describing my passion for helping businesses get their message across through social media and video, Gwen managed to write a profile for my business that was accurate, professional and at the same time brought out my personality.”


Clare Herriot, Consultant

Guthrie & Kirkwood

“I really enjoy working with Gwen – she takes the time to understand the detail, extracts the good bits and crafts compelling words. I value her input and commitment to delivering the very best results for my business.”


Elle Kirkwood, Partner

Wayne Stewart

“I needed a script written for a short film about young people living and working in London. It’s not something Gwen has done before, but she convinced me that she was versatile enough to pull it off and I liked her vibe so I took a risk with her. She really understood my brief and I’m very happy with the script she has produced. I love her writing style and would definitely like to work with her again on future projects.”


Wayne Stewart, filmaker


“On the basis of one telephone interview, Gwen got to grips with my business model and was able to bring it to life with concise and engaging copy for my new website. She offers a quick and efficient service that is good value for money.”

Kingsley, SAMP!


Orange Ball

“Gwen is brilliant at what she does and it was a pleasure working with her. Her ability to convert my thoughts, ideas and business concept into words and ultimately a website which reflects everything I imagined was outstanding. I would recommend Gwen and Bare Ink without reservation.”

Sak Rafique, Executive Coach



Bare Ink copywriting services are charged at £50 per hour, £40 for registered charities and small businesses. 

To put this into context, a standard blog post or media release would take between 1-2 hours to write, depending on the level of research needed. The client interview and/or briefing is included within this timeframe.

Similarly, up to 20 social media posts can be generated within 1-2 hours once Bare Ink is familiar with the client’s product or services. 

A feature article for a magazine would take approximately 2-3 hours, depending on the length and subject matter.

For longer, more complex communication projects (such as a rebrand), a consultancy rate of £300 per day is applicable. A flat project fee may be negotiable depending on the circumstances.

Briefings and interviews can be conducted either in person or over the telephone, according to the client’s preference and location. Bare Ink is based in South East London.




Call or email Gwen for an informal chat about how Bare Ink can help you reach the right people with the right message:


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